AVANTI mattresses: the best quality/price ratio

Thanks to our leading-edge expertise, we are a good step ahead of the competition. If our products are in a class of their own, it is because we prefer quality above all. The reasons why we are far ahead of our competitors are as follows:

  • Our team listens to our customers. It attaches importance to the quality of the relationship that it has with them. We want to keep our customers long-term.
  • Our different mattress collections meet the high quality standards in manufacturing and comfort.
  • Because we don’t want to compromise on quality, we manufacture our own springs.
  • For the manufacturing of our products, we choose the best raw materials available on the market:
    • 80% of the foams used are certified organic.
    • Natural foams, such as latex, are preferred.
  • We favour buying locally. Therefore, nearly 90 % of the raw materials selected for the manufacturing of our products come from Canada or the United States.
  • Our retailers know us as a mattress manufacturer that shows flexibility in production and delivery dates. With a dissatisfaction rate of less than 1 %, compared to those of our competitors which varies between 3 % and 6 %, we demonstrate that we are a serious company , committed to the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Our people are well trained and continuous training is important to us. We want our team to adapt to the changing needs of the industry. Our priority? To manufacture mattresses with the latest components so that they are the most performing available on the market.
  • As a family-owned company, we work hard to develop a strong sense of belonging to the company in each staff member. The reason for our success? Employees that are 100 % happy and proud to evolve among us.
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