Latextra Nature, pure and simple

Natural latex, nothing less!

Sleeping is such a natural thing that it inspired AVANTI to introduce its LATEXTRA Collection. These mattresses are made of certified organic natural latex foam.

Among other properties, latex is antibacterial and anti-dust mite, offering a solution for people suffering from allergies. Also, because the latex is perforated, the ventilation of the mattress is maximized.

The rubber based texture, extracted from the bark of the Para rubber tree, makes this foam four times more durable than any other foam on the market. The LATEXTRA mattresses provide firm comfort and great resilience that allow the back to be adequately supported.

The LATEXTRA Mattress Collection: the right choice for people suffering from back and abdominal problems.

Are you looking for a sustainable and ecological mattress? Yes, AVANTI has them. Finally you will sleep worry free while respecting the environment.

Simply comfort