Perfect support balance

The CASA Collection offers a wide range of mattresses that offer excellent central support.

The mattress support of the CASA Collection also promotes better posture during sleep. These mattresses are suitable for all types of sleepers and are very popular among people suffering from back pain.

As with all our mattresses, the use of the finest materials to manufacture the components of this collection is a guarantee of their quality.

With a mattress from the CASA Collection, your bed has never been so relaxing.

Continuous coil spring, Bonnell spring and pocket spring technology

AVANTI uses three types of springs: continuous coil springs, Bonnell springs and pocket coils, all arranged to ensure perfect back support.

  • Continuous coil springs are made of steel. These springs are quite flexible and have the advantage of giving a mattress softer comfort.
  • Bonnell springs are made of steel. They have great durability and provide strength and support to the mattress. Our Bonnell spring is the most rigid and offers firmer support for the mattress base. The contour system, combined with the Bonnell springs, isolates vibrations caused by nighttime movements from 40% to 60%.
  • Pocketed springs adapt to the shape of the body and eliminate vibrations created by nighttime movements. The central reinforcement on each of our pocketed springs provides better back support. Moreover, the contour system used for these mattresses offers an additional space of 10 % to relax.

Simply comfort